Innovation is our company’s foundation. For too long, well services lagged other oilfield sectors in this key area—but not anymore. Axis Energy Services is advancing technology to achieve our mission of optimizing completions.
We developed a comprehensive, digital platform that monitors in real time all of the critical measurements that operators need to ensure workovers, clean outs, fishing jobs, and stick pipe drill outs are accomplished safely and efficiently. Axis CORE® (Completion Optimization and Rig Efficiency) Technology enhances the safety and performance of Axis service rigs and support equipment during frac plug drill outs and long-lateral workovers. It is the first initiative developed at our R&D and Rig Monitoring Center based in Longview, Texas.
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Axis CORE Technology is our leading-edge data acquisition and predictive analytics platform, helping us maximize safety and efficiency. The digital platform is designed to allow for broad, real-time customer access and a full suite of monitoring dashboards are available for customer use. CORE is a proven, reliable, and highly effective solution to achieve continuous improvement in operations resulting in cost savings for our customers.

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Comprehensive Data Collection

Industry-approved, intrinsically safe and ruggedized wireless sensors monitor systems and processes on our rigs and support equipment.  The sensors provide high-resolution data sampling rates and gather real-time data, including:

  • Weight on bit
  • Block height and speed
  • Tong torque
  • BOP ram status
  • Pump pressure
  • Return pressure
  • Wellbore pressure
  • Wind speed and ambient temperature
  • Average time to drill out a plug
  • Average time to next plug
  • Average trip times by RIH, POOH and connection times with swivel
  • Time between wells
  • Frac plug vendor drill out times
  • Depth in the well
  • Rate of penetration
  • Flow back sensor
  • Swivel torque
  • Swivel RPM
  • Rig mobilization time
  • Third-party downtime
  • All company downtime
Real-Time Aggregation & Analysis

A 900 MHz, military-grade non-interference signal allows the data to be centralized in one digital location in real time. Our proprietary software then synthesizes that data to guide operations and inform decisions.

Enhancing Safety & Consistency

Axis CORE’s digital platform sets operating parameters which rig operators must follow, and support equipment is programmed not to exceed. Using CORE’s online dashboard, customers can create their own “Digital Toolbox” to set and adjust their desired threshold levels for each tailored KPI. Interlocking systems automatically:

  • Prevent pipe collisions with the crown/floor and closed rams
  • Protect against weight over-pull
  • Prevent over- and under-torque
Identifying Long-Term Trends

Real-time data continuously feeds into our predictive analytics software, enabling us to:

  • Anticipate and avoid problems to prevent downtime
  • Track stress on our equipment to inform preventative maintenance
  • Maximize and standardize performance across our fleet
Data at Your Fingertips

Analysis of jobs is done both in real time on a plug-by-plug basis and in a detailed post-job treatment report. Each operational rig is displayed in CORE’s software dashboard, where a customer can check the status of an operation or enter job data from any mobile, web-enabled device, without having to be at the wellsite. This allows for a complete, centralized job record. Using their digital toolbox within CORE, customers can also create their own customized KPI reports and score cards to track areas relevant to their operations.