Efficiency is critical as operators across the U.S. shift into manufacturing mode.

Just as important, you need a service partner that can reliably complete your longest laterals to the toe—every time. Axis Energy Services is built to deliver on both fronts.

Axis is optimizing completions by pioneering a new model that represents a revolution in well services. Gone are the days when operators had only two choices for completions: coiled tubing that becomes increasingly unreliable in longer laterals, or slower stick pipe drill outs that require too many companies on site.

Axis has created a third option that combines extended reach with new efficiencies, minimizing drill out times and downhole incidents while simplifying your completion program.

How Axis Is Optimizing Completions
New equipment purpose-engineered for long laterals

Axis is investing in a new fleet and well site support equipment purpose-built for today’s long laterals and high-intensity pad completions. That includes some of the tallest mast rigs in the sector and leading-edge, safety-focused snubbing units. We also offer the broadest range of high horsepower pumps in the well service industry to ensure fast, efficient drill out operations.

Axis Operates High-Spec Rigs for Completions and Workovers
Experienced, cross-trained crews

Axis is building on the experience of our veteran crews while integrating the next generation into our culture of safety and execution excellence. Our unique training model combines on-the-job experience with new technologies like virtual reality, and empowers crew members to work across our fleet of equipment.

Axis Crews Are Experienced at Completions
Technology leadership and a data-driven approach

Axis consults with customers to understand their wells before completion work begins. With that data, our teams pre-model jobs to ensure we deliver the optimal package of services, equipment and personnel. And Axis is investing in sensors and other technologies to gather more and better data—driving safer, more efficient completions.

Axis Snubbing Operators Train Using Virtual Reality