Axis Energy Services designed and built a data-driven chemical mixing and injection system for use with either stick pipe or coil tubing applications that can reduce the cost of chemicals and increase efficiencies during drill outs. By accurately controlling the injection rate of chemicals pumped downhole and using data acquisition to blend the chemicals more precisely to reduce waste, the end result is a faster drill out, which drives down costs and cycle times for customers.

Fit-for-Purpose, Technology-Driven Equipment
  • The primary flow source for automated injection is a clean side turbine meter
  • Six micro motion mass meters confirm and record chemical delivery from the chemical add pumps
  • In the event of electronic failure, the system can be operated manually in order to minimize downtime
  • On-board water filtration system includes four filter pods hard plumbed to centrifugal pumps to streamline the rig up and filter maintenance during drill operations
  • Hydraulically driven mixing paddles used for agitation rather than recirculating the discharge centrifugal allows mixing rates up to 17bpm at 80psi and does not reduce the suction supply pressure to the drill pumps
Data-Driven Performance
  • Sensor and control technology activate the hydraulically driven chemical add pumps from a data control center onboard the mixing unit where all parameters dictated by the customer are programmed and maintained
  • Cost savings are realized through the precision control and metering of chemicals during the injection process
Experienced Crews
  • Axis provides experienced and safety-focused crews to support all chemical mixing and pumping applications
  • Axis crews use data reports during each job to determine when to speed up pumps, when to drill faster or slower, and when to add chemicals to the wellbore, producing a more successful and efficient drill out
Axis Maintains State-of-the-Art Chemical Mixing Equipment
Axis Maintains State-of-the-Art Chemical Mixing Equipment